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What will a California court look at when deciding custody?

Many Riverside moms and dads either already have or one day will find themselves in a situation in which a court has to decide important questions regarding the custody of their child.

For example, a court may have to decide with which parent the child will spend the majority of the time and, on the flip side, when and under what terms the other parent will be able to have time with the child. The court may also have to decide which will parent will make what decisions in the child's' life, including decisions involving important or even critical maters like healthcare and religion.

Riverside residents charged with a DUI can get support

Even a first-time DUI can be a serious affair for a Riverside, California, resident. Even if going to jail is unlikely following a first offense, it is still possible for a person to be ordered to serve six months, even if their drunk driving was a one-time mistake.

Moreover, a person can also be ordered to pay up to $1,000 in fines, not to mention other expenses like probation fees, counseling fees and fees related to one's license.

Lawmakers consider restricting the use of deadly force

In America, every person has the right to fair treatment from police – even if they are suspected of a crime. However, the law allows police to take extreme action in an emergency. These dangerous situations may require lethal force in order to stop a catastrophe.

Unfortunately, many California residents believe that police officers have abused this power. The law must balance safety with rights, but residents are doubtful that it has protected everyone in the aftermath of several deaths. Now, lawmakers are considering a new policy that would limit how much force an officer can use against a citizen.

Dead worker's children receive $30 million jury award

The children of a man from Anaheim who died after an apparent work-related accident received some vindication from a California jury, which awarded them a verdict of $30 million. The fatal accident happened in Riverside County at a recycling plant.

According to reports, the man got caught and mangled by a piece of heavy machinery while he was doing his duties at the recycling plant. Although it wasn't clear whether the man received workers' compensation from the recycling plant, his family also chose to sue the manufacturer of the machinery, alleging that the machine lacked important safety features on it. The man's family did not sue the man's former employer.

What is considered insurance fraud in California?

Most people in Riverside, California, have had to fill out an application for insurance, as the average person will have automobile insurance and some insurance to cover their home or, if they rent, their personal belongings. Most people have also likely filled out an application for health insurance either through their employers or through an insurance exchange. Some have also have probably had to file insurance claims because of a car accident or some sort of problem with their home.

While they might not realize it, in all of these cases, residents expose themselves to being accused of insurance fraud, which is a serious crime in California. After all, insurance fraud charges do not cover simply flagrant cases, such as where a person stages or makes up an insurance claim out of whole cloth.

Experienced representation for all types of criminal charges

Whether it is a simple first-time DUI or a serious felony charge, getting accused of a crime is a scary experience for any Riverside, California, resident. A person who finds himself in this sort of situation, particularly if they are new to the criminal justice system, may have no idea what to do or to whom they can turn for help.

In this sort of situation, the best thing a person can do is seek out the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney who has knowledge of the Riverside and Riverside County criminal courts and prosecutors, as well as the courts of the surrounding counties.

The basics of prenuptial agreements in California

As is the case in other states, Riverside, California, residents who are planning to tie the knot have the option of signing a prenuptial agreement together. Couples may choose to take this important legal step for a number of reasons, but the general idea is that a prenuptial agreement facilitates a smooth disposition of property once the marriage ends, either through death or divorce.

While a family law attorney is the best resource when it comes to drafting a prenuptial agreement, it is still helpful for Californians to understand the minimum legal requirements necessary to create a valid prenuptial agreement. After all, courts tend to take a more watchful eye toward these sorts of agreements than, for example, a contract between two businesses.

The basics of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When most Riverside, California, families think of a bankruptcy, they are actually thinking of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is the most common type of bankruptcy individual consumers use when they have gotten overwhelmed by debt and need a fresh financial start.

Like all types of bankruptcies, the first thing a debtor who wants to file a Chapter 7 will need to do to start the process is fill out a lot of paperwork which will give the federal bankruptcy court, as well as the trustee that will oversee the process on behalf of the government, a clear picture of the debtor's financial situation. It is, of course, very important to fill these forms out completely and accurately.

California to throw out thousands of marijuana convictions

When the state of California passed Proposition 64, which effectively legalized the use and growth of marijuana for personal use, it signaled a radical shift in drug prosecution. Would-be offenders facing charges for simple possession seemed no longer destined to clog the state’s court dockets. While this particular piece of legislation was a boon for justice reform, some wondered what was to become of the many that already held convictions for a now-legalized substance.

In response to this query, some California cities have begun retroactively tossing out marijuana convictions.  In San Francisco, for example, the district attorney’s office will be looking to review nearly 5,000 felony marijuana convictions, on top of dismissing and sealing more than 3,000 misdemeanors. In what could become a statewide trend, this potential reprieve may end up changing a significant number of lives.

Threat against California college campus lands man in jail

Particularly in these times, people in Riverside, California, need to recognize that what they threaten to do, even if they do not mean their threat seriously, will be responded to by authorities with the utmost urgency and firmness.

A man from the Southern California city of Norco found this out recently when police came looking for him after he allegedly made threats that he was going to go to a local college and shoot people. When police came to his home, they reportedly located weapons, including loaded handguns and a loaded AR-15. While police deemed the threats credible, they did not go in to details about exactly what the nature of the threatening social media posts were or why the man was making these threats.