Against Felony Charges

Felony charges can lead to life-changing penalties. If you have a violent or sex offense on your record, then you may even face time sentenced to state prison. It is important to receive experienced legal representation if you are facing any of the following felony charges:


Founding attorney, Kathleen G. Alvarado, uses over 30 years of legal experience to offer advanced counsel for your case. Ms. Alvarado served as the deputy district attorney for San Bernardino County for over 25 years, and has a deep understanding of how the state government prosecutes criminal offenders. She creates advanced defense strategies based on her well-rounded view of criminal law. Kathleen G. Alvarado has worked with cases involving murder, drug offenses, DUI felonies, insurance fraud and more. She does not back down against serious charges, and will offer you a skilled defense in court.

Ms. Alvarado and the professional legal team at the Law Offices of Kathleen G. Alvarado provide legal counsel tailored to your unique circumstances. We have a proven track record of success in felony charges dropped to misdemeanors and having multiple charges dropped to single charges. Depending upon your past convictions, the circumstances of your arrest and the current charges that you face, we will attempt to mitigate or eliminate your criminal charges.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

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Driving Under The Influence

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Domestic Violence

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Our Customers Say

What a great office to work with! They take great care of their clients from start to finish. The attorneys are exceptionally knowledgeable and the staff is so friendly and organized. If you are looking for excellent representation after an injury I highly recommend you start with Kathleen.

- Lisa Ferguson

I was represented by Kathleen and found her to be hard working, competent, while personally supportive. Her dedication to my case reflected a commitment to excellence that can only reflect a moral grounding.

- Emily Lee

Fast response, everything clearly explained. If I need legal advice in the future I will use this service again. They do what they advertise making legal issues simple. Recommended.

- Brian Buckland



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