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Family law tax basics; claims children on taxes

In the course of a divorce, a legal separation or another family law matter, it is quite easy to forget about the possible tax consequences of one's decisions. While easy to forget, how one's taxes will shake out after a family law matter can be the difference of hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year.

How is California child support calculated?

Like other states, child support in California gets calculated using state-established guidelines. In theory, these guidelines are supposed to be easy to understand and apply since they involve putting dollar figures in and analyzing them according to a mathematical formula. The formula gets applied consistently across the state so that Riverside parents can be reasonably sure their child support order is fair.

The basics of prenuptial agreements in California

As is the case in other states, Riverside, California, residents who are planning to tie the knot have the option of signing a prenuptial agreement together. Couples may choose to take this important legal step for a number of reasons, but the general idea is that a prenuptial agreement facilitates a smooth disposition of property once the marriage ends, either through death or divorce.