On behalf of Law Offices of Kathleen G. Alvarado posted in criminal law on Friday, November 9, 2018.

A man from Riverside County was recently arrested in connection with a fatal hit-and-run accident that happened last year. According to reports, the man was in custody and was given a $150,000 bail. The man entered a preliminary plea of not guilty.

The accident happened in Indio, California, which is about an hour from the City of Riverside. A car hit a teenage pedestrian, killing the teen. The driver of the vehicle then left the scene of the accident.

How police initially concluded that the man whom they eventually arrested was the driver of the vehicle was not clear. However, police say they eventually searched the man’s home and found a vehicle that had been damaged. Moreover, police say they found blood and hair on the frame of the vehicle’s windshield.

The man did not deny hitting something as he was paying attention to his vehicle’s radio, but he claimed not to know that he had a person. He said he thought it may have been a barrier along the side of the road. Police also say that the man did not have a valid license at the time of the incident, as it had been suspended.

This man is no doubt facing serious criminal penalties, including the possibility of a lengthy term in prison. However, even so, it is important to remember that allegations of hit-and-run accidents can happen to anyone.

Sometimes, a person may really not realize that they have had a collision at all, much less a collision with a pedestrian or even a small vehicle like a bicycle or moped. In other cases, while not a complete excuse, a person may honestly panic and leave not out of malice, but out of legitimate fear. In any event, someone accused in a hit-and-run accident will likely want to consult with an attorney experienced with California’s criminal law.