On behalf of Law Offices of Kathleen G. Alvarado posted in criminal law on Friday, June 15, 2018.

The President of the Professional Golf Association, or PGA, of America was recently arrested in Riverside County and now faces a drunk driving charge. The man has been serving in his office since the fall of 2016 and holds office for a two-year term.

According to police, they discovered the man after someone called to report that he had been involved in an accident. Apparently, the man had left the highway he was traveling on and had hit a sign post on the side of the road.

Police say that they suspected the man had been drinking once they arrived on the scene and started to investigate. The man was detained but first taken to a nearby hospital to be checked out medically.

A golfing media outlet initially picked up this story, and the PGA indicated to that outlet the man was very sorry for his actions and was intending to seek counseling. While the statement alluded to the possibility of the man’s pleading guilty to the charge, his intentions were not entirely clear.

This story only goes to show that a drunk driving arrest and charge can happen to anyone no matter what their social standing or background is. Even upstanding and highly successful people wind up dealing with a DUI. While this is sometimes on account of an admitted lapse in good judgment, in other cases, a person accused has a legitimate defense to the charges.

In any event, it is almost always a good idea for someone accused of a DUI to go over their legal rights and options with an experienced criminal law attorney.