On behalf of Law Offices of Kathleen G. Alvarado posted in criminal law on Friday, May 11, 2018.

Many Riverside, California, residents who are married or who even just live with other people know that doing so can be stressful. People do not always get along and, particularly in a romantic relationship, stress often gets the best of people such that they say what they do not really mean.

Unfortunately, these sorts of domestic situations can sometimes boil over and spouses, rightly or wrongly, accuse each other of domestic abuse. Police and prosecutors take these allegations very seriously, such that they will oftentimes, after receiving what seems like a credible repot, make an arrest first and save questions for later.

Someone accused of domestic violence has a lot of reasons to come to the professionals at our law office in order to discuss mounting a defense to their criminal charges or, at least, negotiating with the prosecutor.

In addition to the possibility of a felony or misdemeanor conviction that can cost them their professional or personal reputations, someone convicted of domestic violence, even for the first time, can go to jail. They likely will have to deal with the costs and fees of probation. The terms of probation can also include having to attend counseling at one’s personal expense and other restrictive terms.

Domestic violence convictions also have other consequences. Someone who gets convicted will likely have a protective order imposed against him or her. If the person is involved in a child custody or visitation case, then their rights to custody or parenting time can also be seriously and negatively impacted.

Just like police and prosecutors, we also take domestic violence allegations seriously because we know how high the stakes are for our clients. We will work hard to investigate our clients’ cases and use the information we gather to assist them in evaluating their options and pursuing the best legal result possible under the circumstances.