On behalf of Law Offices of Kathleen G. Alvarado posted in criminal law on Friday, April 20, 2018.

People in Riverside, California, and the surrounding areas of Riverside County know how serious wildfires can be in this state. When they have favorable conditions to burn, these fires can destroy not only the natural landscape but also homes and businesses. They are also potentially deadly.

This is one reason why charges of arson are taken so seriously by California authorities, as a man recently found out when deputies closed in and arrested him for allegedly starting the Silver Fire some five years ago. In 2013, the fire destroyed over 25 homes and several other buildings, in addition to burning thousands of acres of land. Several people were hurt in connection with the fire, which also cost the firefighters of this state $8 million to put out.

The man who was arrested is being held in lieu of a $100,000 bail bond. While the charges against him relate to “arson,” it is not clear what evidence the state agency which investigated this fire has against the man.

Like other felonies, a criminal conviction for arson can land a person in jail for years or even decades and can also result in other severe consequences as well. A Riverside resident should also not suppose that, just because a fire does not cause a lot of damage, authorities will take it any less seriously.

This man and others facing arson charges will likely want to seek help from an experienced criminal law attorney. A skilled defense attorney will understand how the state will make its case and will be prepared to confront the state’s strategy.

Source: KTLA 5, “Arson suspect arrested in connection with 2013 fire that burned dozens of Riverside County homes,” Erika Martin, April 17, 2018