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Representation after a domestic violence arrest

Many Riverside, California, residents who are married or who even just live with other people know that doing so can be stressful. People do not always get along and, particularly in a romantic relationship, stress often gets the best of people such that they say what they do not really mean.

Man charged in connection with area wildfire

People in Riverside, California, and the surrounding areas of Riverside County know how serious wildfires can be in this state. When they have favorable conditions to burn, these fires can destroy not only the natural landscape but also homes and businesses. They are also potentially deadly.

Riverside residents charged with a DUI can get support

Even a first-time DUI can be a serious affair for a Riverside, California, resident. Even if going to jail is unlikely following a first offense, it is still possible for a person to be ordered to serve six months, even if their drunk driving was a one-time mistake.

What is considered insurance fraud in California?

Most people in Riverside, California, have had to fill out an application for insurance, as the average person will have automobile insurance and some insurance to cover their home or, if they rent, their personal belongings. Most people have also likely filled out an application for health insurance either through their employers or through an insurance exchange. Some have also have probably had to file insurance claims because of a car accident or some sort of problem with their home.

Experienced representation for all types of criminal charges

Whether it is a simple first-time DUI or a serious felony charge, getting accused of a crime is a scary experience for any Riverside, California, resident. A person who finds himself in this sort of situation, particularly if they are new to the criminal justice system, may have no idea what to do or to whom they can turn for help.

How accurate is a Breathalyzer test?

For years, California police officers have used field sobriety exams, chemical tests and breath analysis tools to detect intoxicated drivers. However, the differences between these strategies have stirred debate about which tests are the most accurate and appropriate. Breathalyzers are a very common tool in highway patrol cars, but they are still controversial for a number of reasons.