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Do I have to do anything special when suing the government?

California's state government, with its many agencies, is likely one of the state's largest employers. Add in all of the various local governments and their agencies, which include the various departments of this state's largest cities, and a Riverside resident can easily see how the government and its employees have a huge hand in California's economy and daily life. Regardless of whether one thinks this is a good thing or a bad thing, the reality is that people are in contact with government employees and government businesses all the time, on the roads, at various office buildings, and just about anywhere else.

Dead worker's children receive $30 million jury award

The children of a man from Anaheim who died after an apparent work-related accident received some vindication from a California jury, which awarded them a verdict of $30 million. The fatal accident happened in Riverside County at a recycling plant.

We represent people with a variety of injuries

It can be very hard for a Riverside, California, resident and their families to recover financially and emotionally after he or she gets hurt unexpectedly. While we call these sorts of injuries "accidents," in truth, there usually is someone who could have done something or avoided doing something that would have prevented the injuries.