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Driver faces charges after fatal accident

A recent accident on a Riverside freeway left two people dead and one person seriously injured. All of the victims were in one car, and driver of the other car is now facing allegations that he was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Additional criminal charges could be filed against the man in connection with this accident.

Elements of child endangerment in California

Of late, there have been stories in the news about pretty flagrant cases of child abuse or neglect. These stories likely shock and anger Riverside residents, even if they do realize in the back of their minds that the accused still have the right to a fair trial and an opportunity to tell their side of the story.

Representation after a domestic violence arrest

Many Riverside, California, residents who are married or who even just live with other people know that doing so can be stressful. People do not always get along and, particularly in a romantic relationship, stress often gets the best of people such that they say what they do not really mean.

Man charged in connection with area wildfire

People in Riverside, California, and the surrounding areas of Riverside County know how serious wildfires can be in this state. When they have favorable conditions to burn, these fires can destroy not only the natural landscape but also homes and businesses. They are also potentially deadly.

Riverside residents charged with a DUI can get support

Even a first-time DUI can be a serious affair for a Riverside, California, resident. Even if going to jail is unlikely following a first offense, it is still possible for a person to be ordered to serve six months, even if their drunk driving was a one-time mistake.