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Chapter 7: a great weapon against medical, credit card debt

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help a financially distressed family in Riverside, California in a lot of ways. However, it is particularly effective when a person's debts consist primarily of medical bills, credit card debts and the like.

Helping Californians get a fresh financial start

A previous post on this blog talked about how Riverside residents and other Californians can use Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and particularly state and federal bankruptcy exemptions, to get relief from their debt and keep some or even all of their most important property.

What are bankruptcy exemptions and how do they work?

Like other states, California's laws balance the principle that people should pay back what they owe against the principle that sometimes people simply run into financial hardships and shouldn't be expected to starve or be homeless simply because they owe money they cannot pay.

There are several advantages to Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When a Riverside, California, family gets in to financial trouble, they may have many legal options available to them. For instance, they may be eligible for more than one type of bankruptcy protection, or they may be able to work with their creditors through a process that does not involve bankruptcy at all.