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Lawmakers consider restricting the use of deadly force

In America, every person has the right to fair treatment from police – even if they are suspected of a crime. However, the law allows police to take extreme action in an emergency. These dangerous situations may require lethal force in order to stop a catastrophe.

California to throw out thousands of marijuana convictions

When the state of California passed Proposition 64, which effectively legalized the use and growth of marijuana for personal use, it signaled a radical shift in drug prosecution. Would-be offenders facing charges for simple possession seemed no longer destined to clog the state’s court dockets. While this particular piece of legislation was a boon for justice reform, some wondered what was to become of the many that already held convictions for a now-legalized substance.

Getting divorced is hard on everyone, especially kids

Arriving at the decision to get divorced is a long road filled with deep valleys and skyscraping peaks. Amongst all of the emotions you as a parent are feeling, your children are observing and experiencing the highs and lows as well. Children can place the blame on themselves and you want to reassure them that this decision is made between the parents.