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September 2018 Archives

Domestic violence charges can affect child custody

A Riverside resident probably recognizes naturally that a charge related to alleged domestic violence is a serious matter. Like any other criminal charge, a conviction, even on a first-time misdemeanor offense, can lead to jail time, probation with restrictive and costly terms, and fines.

Family law tax basics; claims children on taxes

In the course of a divorce, a legal separation or another family law matter, it is quite easy to forget about the possible tax consequences of one's decisions. While easy to forget, how one's taxes will shake out after a family law matter can be the difference of hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year.

Man arrested on allegations of stealing lemons

A traffic stop could have many results. For some, this may mean receiving a warning. For others, it could mean getting a citation. And for some, it means being charged with additional crimes unrelated to the traffic stop. This is what recently happened in Riverside.