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May 2018 Archives

Representation after a domestic violence arrest

Many Riverside, California, residents who are married or who even just live with other people know that doing so can be stressful. People do not always get along and, particularly in a romantic relationship, stress often gets the best of people such that they say what they do not really mean.

How I can know when it is time to file bankruptcy?

While the nation’s economy continues to improve, not everyone is reaping the benefits. The amount of credit card debt Americans have continues to climb. According to a report, the average American carries over $6000 in credit card debt, which is up three percent from 2017. The Federal Reserve reports that total credit card debt as exceeded $1 trillion, the highest ever reported.

There are several advantages to Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When a Riverside, California, family gets in to financial trouble, they may have many legal options available to them. For instance, they may be eligible for more than one type of bankruptcy protection, or they may be able to work with their creditors through a process that does not involve bankruptcy at all.