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Honest Guidance For Optimal Child Custody And Parenting Time

You deserve an honest conversation about child custody and what you can do to achieve optimal time with your children. At the Law Offices of Kathleen G. Alvarado, we offer straightforward legal advice to assist you in child custody and divorce. Several factors impact the outcome of child custody and visitation. We will ask you a number of questions to offer you an initial outlook at child custody. Some of our questions include:

  • What does your child's routine look like?
  • Who brings them to school?
  • Which parent attends after school activities?
  • Who helps your child with their homework?
  • Where will both parents live after the divorce?
  • Is there history of family abuse?

These questions will help us understand your child's routine and give us a look into their life at home. In the end, a child custody order should allow for consistent routine and contact with both parents. The judge's intent will be to establish child custody that is in the best interests of your child. This means that the child should have a sense of stability and a routine, which nurtures healthy home and school environments.

What Is The Difference Between Legal And Physical Custody?

Child custody can be determined by both legal and physical custody. Legal custody establishes the right to make important decisions regarding your child's education, health care and well-being. Physical custody determines where your child lives. You may request sole responsibility over these decisions, or you may end up sharing them with the other parent.

A custody order will have a major impact on your child's future. It is important to receive legal guidance from an experienced family law attorney. At the Law Offices of Kathleen G. Alvarado, we are passionate advocates for child custody cases in the Inland Empire. We will help you work toward the maximum parenting time with your children.

Contact Our Office To Learn More About Child Custody Options

Call our office today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with a family law lawyer. Our experienced attorneys will help you understand child custody guidelines and how you can achieve the best agreement and visitation schedule possible. Reach us at 951-888-5901 to schedule an appointment at our office in Riverside, California, or fill out our online contact form.